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IT security that starts with you

It’s incredibly important to embed a culture of strong security within the workplace. It’s not simply a question of securing your laptops anymore – your security needs to consider every possible entry point. Your people are bringing in more personal devices as the workplace becomes more flexible, guests are requesting access to your Wi-Fi to connect their own devices to your network and the Internet of Things is impacting everything. Without good security, you face unchecked vulnerabilities that could open the door and threaten your people and data. We help you put security first by designing a security architecture that protects everyone and everything.

Our core services for Security

Security Audit
Penetration Testing
Incident Response
Maturity Assessment
Managed SIEM
Threat Intelligence Assessment
Threat Modelling
Cyber Essentials Certification

Everyone is vulnerable

Your IT security should always consider two key things – your data and your people. While data is the end goal for many of the cybercriminals looking to exploit your business, your people can often unknowingly become the vehicle that helps them achieve that goal. And everyone is vulnerable. From your admin staff to the CEO, anyone could become the subject of a cybercriminal’s attention and fall victim to intelligent ransomware, malware, or even fraud-based attacks. Cybercrime is getting smart fast, so it’s imperative that your people are sufficiently prepared and properly protected – both inside and outside your workplace.

Built-in security is essential.
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A human-first approach to your security

We do everything we can to keep your people and your data safe. By taking a people-centric approach to your security, we speak directly to your staff to better understand their cyber-awareness, assess the protections in place, and establish how much training they need. From there, we take a deep look into your existing security posture, using this knowledge and our expertise to help refine your policies and streamline security protocols to ensure your business is as protected as possible. And because we’re so aware of how quickly threats change and evolve, we don’t just deliver your solution and disappear, but check in with regular reviews to see your security always stays one step ahead. Importantly, we’re ISO 27001 accredited, so you can be sure the defence and management of your data strictly adheres to independent and internationally-recognised standards.

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Our ships go all around the world. Now, thanks to CCS Media, I don’t have to.

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Stay productive and protected

It’s easy to skip a protection or overlook a user action, especially when your people are concerned that enhanced security will be intrusive and negatively impact their work. We’re here to tell you we don’t let that happen. We’re focused on exceptional security solutions that don’t come at the expense of people productivity. We know it’s possible, because we’ve done it.

Our people-centric approach sees us deliver security solutions that ensure your users are never compromised by security. If anything, we see security as an enabler for them to do their jobs effectively and without interruption, giving them the freedom and confidence to enjoy working at their best at all times. Consequently, you gain important peace of mind knowing that your business is fully protected, and your people are always productive.

Stay Productive and Protected with CCS Media and Barracuda

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Perimeter Security
Endpoint and Mobile Security
Data Security
Internal Security
Cloud Security
Data Compliance + Incident Management
Penetration Testing

The network perimeter is becoming blurred, but the importance of the right security measures has never been clearer.

Despite ever-more sophisticated threats, the most likely place a security intrusion will occur remains the network perimeter, and its gateway with the Internet. However, the network perimeter has expanded way beyond the traditional LAN, thanks to new trends in mobility, homeworking, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and even Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives. Security measures at the perimeter are therefore the first line of defence from the outside and a critical part of any infrastructure’s security.

The devices and ‘things’ connecting to the network are growing by the day. Endpoint and Mobile Security is focused on ensuring this doesn’t weaken defence.

Once endpoint protection was all about anti-virus. However, as workforces go mobile and the threat count spirals, Endpoint Security has morphed into something much greater. As a result, it’s raced up the priority list compared to other security considerations.

For most organisations, their data – whether that’s related to customers, intellectual property, or sensitive corporate data – is considered a critical asset to be protected at all costs.

It’s no longer enough to simply look at Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions that merely try and control data loss. There’s now a new approach to data security. At its core is proactivity, set to identify, classify, and protect data based on its value.In a compliance-driven world, this kind of approach is imperative, particularly where Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is at play, and data processors must be able to successfully execute Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR) and the Right to be Forgotten.

Gaining visibility of vulnerabilities is the key to managing risk and better preparing internal security to protect what matters.

Most malware today exploits a vulnerability in a networked program or device. Understanding where these vulnerabilities lie is therefore critical to maintaining a healthy network. Only with visibility can risk be effectively managed and networks secured. We with you to ensure your networks remain secure.

While cloud has well and truly gone mainstream, nagging concerns over security risks remain. For every risk, however, there is a response.

The cloud is an attractive alternative to traditional computing approaches. It promises almost unrivalled access, flexibility, scalability, and responsiveness. However, just like traditional computing approaches, it comes with its own set of security issues.

It’s time to turn continuous threat intelligence into actionable insight that guides incident response and supports compliance.

Even with the best defences, security incidents will inevitably occur. In the event, the focus needs to be on incident response and how to mount a planned, coordinated and most of all swift response to minimise the impact.

Penetration testing uncovers critical issues and demonstrates how well your organisation is protected. CCS Media provides certified security engineers who can help you reduce your risk of a costly data breach by discovering critical, exploitable vulnerabilities and providing you with actionable intelligence for informed business related decision making. This increases your operational efficiency and improves your security risk posture.

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