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CCS Media Supplier Code of Conduct

CCS Media Supplier Code of Conduct


At CCS Media we consistently hold high standards of ethics and integrity. We focus on the development of individuals to achieve team and organisational success, and we always focus on high values to support our customers, honestly and sustainably.
We operate within the guidelines of partner agreements and frameworks and this document describes our commitments to our suppliers and our ethical expectations of the companies we do business with.
The intention of our Supplier Code of Conduct is to publish the expected working behaviours between us and the services we receive from businesses within our supply chain, which includes but is not limited to, physical, virtual, or digital products, software & professional services. Our intent is that both parties are open, honest, and transparent with one another and report any instances of non-compliance.
This Supplier Code of Conduct is not intended to be legally binding or an enforceable obligation or to undermine our contracts with our suppliers or the rules we set out when we buy products or services, which shall always take precedence.


Personnel and Employment Law

Our employees, our suppliers’ employees and our customers employees all have the right to be treated fairly and respectfully. We will not accept discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, or disability, nor will we accept harassment, or unfair treatment in the workplace. And we expect our suppliers to provide the same commitment. The Equality Act 2010 and the Employment Equality Act, 1998 IRL protects against harassment, victimisation, and discrimination.
Our suppliers will comply with all applicable legislation relating to working hours and pay and must ensure their employees have the legal right to work in the United Kingdom and are authorised to do so. Suppliers must also comply with all applicable immigration laws and must obtain the relevant documentation, including any right to work visas.


Human and Labour Rights

Modern Slavery is any form of forced or involuntary labour, whether bonded, detained, or loaned, including debt servitude or any form of human trafficking. All work must be voluntary, and employees must be free to terminate their employment at any time.
Child labour is any form of child labour in its operations or within our supply chain. We expect our suppliers to prohibit and prevent child labour in their operations and encourage participation in efforts to combat & eliminate child labour.
Discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, or disability.
Suppliers must respect employee rights to form, join, or not join trade unions or organisations oftheir own choosing without fear of prejudice, reprisal, harassment, or coercion.


Health, Wellbeing & Safety

We expect our suppliers to have high standards of occupational health and safety and we expect our suppliers to provide their employees with a safe and healthy environment to prevent accident and injuries and work-related illnesses. Wellbeing and mental health are vitally important in our business, and we expect our suppliers to provide an inclusive culture which fosters happy employees.
Suppliers must comply with all applicable health and safety laws and regulations, including safety requirements either at CCS Media or at its customers premises.


Business Ethics & Conflicts

CCS Media expects its suppliers not to engage in any of the following practices:
Bribery and corruption mean dishonesty, extortion, or bribery. We expect our suppliers to adhere to anti-corruption laws, including but not limited to the Bribery Act 2010, Criminal Justice (Corruption Offence) Act 2018 IRL and anti-money laundering regulations. We expect our suppliers to have robust processes to ensure their subcontractors in their supply chain also comply with these laws. We expect our suppliers to assess the risk of fraud proactively and vigilantly in their business and implement practices and policies to mitigate fraud.
Tax evasion means facilitating or committing tax evasion or fraud. We take our responsibilities under the Criminal Finances Act 2017 (CFA 2017) and under the EU Directive 2017/1371 very seriously and we expect our suppliers to do the same.
Legal and regulatory non-compliance means any failure to adhere to applicable national and international laws and regulations, including internal compliance policies and practices. We expect the highest standards from our suppliers and their agents in the supply of goods and services. We expect suppliers to be explicit about the standards they demand of executives, employees, suppliers, and subcontractors and to have governance and processes to monitor adherence to these standards.
Conflict minerals means raw materials that come from a particular part of the world where conflict occurs and affects the mining and trading of those materials. Conflict materials, 3TG includes metals tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold.


Misuse of Data & Cyber Security

Failure to meet data protection requirements for employees, suppliers, and customers. We expect our suppliers to safeguard the integrity and security of their systems and comply with the relevant government standards and guidance. We expect our suppliers to notify us if they become aware of any security incident that affects or has the potential to affect CCS Media data.


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Compliance

We operate within the guidelines of our OEM partner agreements and frameworks. We therefore expect our suppliers to adhere to and support the upholding of such OEM agreements relating to products supplied to us for us to provide exceptional goods and services to our customers.
In the event there is a requirement by our OEM partners to provide evidence relating to orders for goods or services we have purchased, we expect our suppliers to support us by complying to any audit related requests we may have and, to provide related documentation within reasonably agreed timeframes.


Business Practices

We expect our suppliers to always conduct themselves in a professional manner. We expect our suppliers to approach us and voice any concerns about the business relationship with CCS Media, for us to assess the concern(s) and to work together collaboratively to implement best practices which are sustainable and effective and meet the needs of both parties.
CCS Media cannot be successful without its suppliers and its customers. It is therefore vital services and products procured from our supply chain are genuine and comply with manufacturers standards and terms, that they are fit for purpose and meet the needs of our customers. We may, from time to time, request the sharing of process information and supply chain data and we expect our suppliers to help us collate the necessary information within agreed timeframes.
We expect our suppliers to use recognised industry standard practices in the delivery of goods and services. We also expect our suppliers to continuously seek ways to improve the quality of their services to their customers.



We expect our suppliers to comply with any legal regulations relating to the environment and to seek ways to reduce the impact of carbon emissions, packaging, and plastics in their workplace, through their supply chain and when delivering goods and services on behalf of our customers. Our suppliers must comply with all environmental legislation and associated requirements including but not limited to, recycling, management and disposal of hazardous waste, protection of natural resources and contaminants in air, soil, and water.
Suppliers must take reasonable steps to work with their own supply chain to evaluate and address environmental and sustainability topics and must use practical efforts to ensure their business is environmentally and socially sustainable.
We expect our suppliers to support any requests we may have relating to data reporting for legislative and regulatory purposes.



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