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Communication is Key



The Right Audio Solutions for Successful Remote Working




EPOS Meeting Room Solutions

Whether in a small, medium or large meeting room, every product in the EPOS EXPAND Line is designed for clear conversation, ease-of-use and connectivity with your devices.


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A man talking with 4 people on a video call

Children working in a classroom on laptops

EPOS Audio Solutions for Education

The shift to hybrid and virtual learning environments has placed greater emphasis on plug and play tools that facilitate strong communication and flexibility across different settings. As education professionals shape new models of learning that can be executed from any location, and students adapt to new norms, good quality school headsets provide small but significant margins on students’ confidence, academic performance and personal growth.


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Bad Audio is Bad Business

As the future of work relies increasingly on solutions that enhance collaboration, the mission at EPOS is unchanged – to unleash human potential with sound excellence.
Stay as “Professional as Always” with EPOS.


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Two women and one man in a business meeting

EPOS Manager

Optimise your business and boost employee performance with a free, flexible and secure tool that manages your audio devices and analyses their use. Get the latest firmware updates on your terms, improve productivity and minimise downtime.


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Prepare your Business for Hybrid Work

Why best-in-class sound experiences are critical to maximise focus and productivity.


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Master your home office –
Insights, tools and solutions

Working from home presents a new way of working and can blur the boundaries between work and home life. EPOS have highlighted some of the insights, tools and solutions you’ll need to help maximise your productivity.


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Take Control of Your Sound Environment

The constant buzz of conversation in the open office can be at best annoying
and at worst stressful if your work requires concentration. Headsets with active
noise cancellation offer an effective solution to this situation, enabling users to
tune out of the open office and into their individual world of work.


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Modern workplaces are evolving every day – becoming more mobile, more versatile and more flexible. The ADAPT Line of premium audio tools enables seamless transition between locations, enabling perfect concentration and collaboration, anytime and anywhere.


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Whatever your line of business, clear and seamless communication is essential for your success. This line of premium audio tools was created specifically for dynamic offices where professionals spend long durations on the phone, or for busy work environments where background noise can often be an issue.


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As virtual communication becomes increasingly important for businesses around the world, the quality and reliability of conferencing devices is more essential than ever. EPOS created the EXPAND Line of premium audio to specifically address the needs of decentralised teams, often working across locations and time zones.


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CCS Media AV & Collaboration Services

Learn more about our AV & Collaboration Services


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