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Professional as Always

Bad Audio is Bad Business

As the future of work relies increasingly on solutions that enhance collaboration, the mission at EPOS is unchanged – to unleash human potential with sound excellence.

    Download the Understanding Sound Experience 2021 Report

    ”What?” - the most expensive word in business

    The 2021 Ipsos report, commissioned annually by EPOS, has become part of an ongoing effort to truly understand the sound experiences of the global workforce. The 2021 survey revealed that 83% of business leaders singled out bad audio as one of the major challenges of the last 12 months. Lost client accounts have resulted in financial strain for businesses – all due to simple, avoidable miscommunication.
    As virtual collaboration becomes the new operational standard, there has never been a more pressing time to equip your organisation with the tools to achieve a competitive advantage.




    EPOS helps you stay as “Professional as Always”

    Because professional appearance has been challenged this year.


    The world of business has global norms for attire, personal appearance, how we speak, introductions, emails and all other behaviour.
    Then, every single business interaction was forced online – even meetings we would have never dreamed of doing virtually before, were taken over video. So, we all had to adapt. Quality virtual collaboration has never been more important to businesses. Bad audio, poor video or equipment that doesn’t lift you up, will damage professional appearance.
    With EPOS, you can remain professional as always through fit-for-purpose virtual collaboration tools no matter where you are.

    Miscommunication has consequences

    On average, end-users lose 31 minutes per week due to poor sound quality on voice and video calls. Simple audio miscommunications result in costly extra work, reduced productivity, and serious cost implications for businesses.
    66% Statistic
    68% Statistic

    Unleash individual potential with sound excellence

    When audio technology fails, the consequences are widely felt across an organisation. At EPOS, we believe that individuals and teams can achieve more, perform better and unleash their full potential when they have tools that deliver sound excellence.


    Speak to a Specialist today to learn more about how EPOS can help you
    stay as “Professional as Always”


    Speak to a Specialist




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