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Inside CCS Media:
Natalie Milner, General Sales Manager

What has led you to this point in your career?

I’m very driven and try to seize all of the opportunities that are in front of me. I started at CCS 11 years ago and my first role was part-time and very admin based; calling customers and verifying orders. This provided me with the foundational knowledge that I still draw upon today.

I soon progressed into a full-time sales role where I was able to identify the gaps and opportunities within our team. I was then able to put this into action as a sales coach where I would listen and help them improve the content of their calls.

Now as a Sales Manager, I manage the team and have my own customers as well, so I really understand how my team operate and what they are dealing with day to day.

While I’ve been at CCS, I’ve completed Team Leading 2 and 3 diplomas and I’m currently enrolled on a level 5 course for operations and management. I have been able to do this purely by reaching out and making the case for how this will help me and how it will help the business, and CCS have really supported me to do it.

natalie at the annual company event

What is a typical day for you?

We start the day meeting as a team where we discuss the latest sales and upcoming opportunities, as well as some general chat!

I then capture figures and send them out to the team. We don’t manage by KPIs like some businesses do, but we do keep the team informed of how they are doing so they can meet their own personal goals.

There is a curveball every day, but we have so much experience we have usually dealt with it before. We work cross-departmentally, and we have daily communication with those teams so that we remain up to date on the latest product releases and necessary training.

My goal, along with my team, is to deliver the best service possible for our customers.

natalie at the annual company event

What is the best thing about your job?

For me it is seeing the personal development of my team. I am fortunate to have furthered my career through the help and training provided by CCS, and now I can put people forward for courses myself. I know that there are seven people in my team who are all at completely different levels in their careers, and I can help and develop each and every one of them. This is where my job satisfaction comes from.

We are very transparent as a business; we have minimum requirements for salespeople, but everyone can see the support and investment that goes in to help employees to reach their full potential. CCS understand that incentive-based sales targets don’t work for everyone, so we work with the individual to understand the support they need to drive them to meet their required targets. Everyone is aligned and working towards the same goal. We know how we fit with the company mission, what we contribute and the role that we play.

As a manager, I understand that life can get in the way which can sometimes impact performance. We have measures in place that protect both the staff and the business, such as the support provided by BUPA system and Babylon who provide CCS staff with the right professional health advice when needed.

We do a lot to support staff wellbeing such as ‘Mindfulness Mondays’ and we have recently held a poster talk on menopause. We found that a lot of people are facing similar health issues, but society has created an environment where people are afraid to speak up when they are struggling. We are working hard to break down those barriers and encourage our team to talk to each other, be it in a one-to-one meeting, organised group setting or to a health professional.

So, there is a lot more going on outside of our core jobs. My job description is quite specific, but I have a lot of freedom and scope to go outside that and offer support to my team. There is a level of pressure that is healthy and motivating and a level that becomes unhealthy and part of my role is recognising where that is.

two women at the company event

What would you change about your role?

I’m not sure I would. – I want to manage managers. To add something to my skillset I would like to manage someone who is managing other people. I can see this happening for me in the next few years If I grow my team I can employ a team leader, so it’s in scope for me. The world really is my oyster at CCS.


Tell me more about the trips!

We have two trips – the trip of a lifetime which is an incentive based on points and the All-Stars trip that are funded by the vendor. Both are open to the whole company.

I cannot express enough just how amazing they are. I went to Costa Rica just before the first lockdown. Everything was so well planned and well thought out. They really are trips of a lifetime.

You get to see the best of everything, and you are treated like a VIP but you’re there with your friends and colleagues. The experiences really are the best and you come away feeling like you’ve explored every inch of the country you’re in.

Once a quarter there is an All-Stars trip funded by the vendors, so a member of my team has just been to Amsterdam, and he saw all the best bits of the city: he absolutely loved it!

group photo in Costa Ricagroup photo in Costa Rica

What advice would you have for someone who wants to get into sales?

Just go for it! My main advice is that you have to have a strong work ethic and be goals driven. Whether that goal is to hit the company numbers or your own goals you just need a strong idea of what you want to achieve and work consistently to get there.


What would you say to something thinking of applying for a job at CCS?

You’ll wish you’d done it sooner. I have people who join us who have thought about it for a long time. One member of my team cannot believe she waited so long. My advice would be to ask the questions and make sure the answers suit you! It’s all true so come and be a part of it.

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