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CCS Media Services |

6 Reasons to Out-Task Configuration & Imaging

When you’re deploying new technology into your data centre or to the desks of your staff you need to make sure it meets your corporate standard for apps, data, connectivity and a plethora of other considerations often unique to your business.


To make this happen, your servers, desktops, laptops and storage devices need to be imaged and configured to suit.
Accordingly, you’re left with two choices; do it yourself or leave it to someone else. With high profile demands by the business on the average IT department, here’s six reasons why you really should be leaving this task to someone else.

01 My Precious 

Time and resources. If you’re deploying some new servers or rolling out new end-user devices, do you really have the capacity to bring this task in-house? In the spectrum of value-adding tasks, this probably ranks pretty low down, yet gobbles up vast amounts of effort. You might think you’re saving money but the lost opportunity cost could be huge.

02 Eyes on the Prize

Of course, whilst imaging and configuring all of those machines is taking up all your time, you’re distracted away from the real business critical tasks which make your business, more agile, create a greater return on resources deployed or help enable your users to be more productive. The chances are you’re also forgetting some of the business-as-usual tasks too.

03 Engineered for Success

Going to a specialist provider for this service means you’ll leverage a wealth of expertise and knowledge you can’t possibly hope to possess in your own team. This means higher standards of delivery, less errors, problems overcome faster and a better end result.

04 Space the Final Frontier

Don’t forget that configuring and imaging often means physical contact with the machines themselves. If you’re doing anything in any real quantity you’ll find that unless you’re lucky enough to have a generous workshop, warehouse or similar you’ll soon be met with challenges of space. Storing machines and having the room to work on them as you need to, is a real consideration, especially for large technology roll outs. In some cases, clean rooms are needed, anti-static mats and a host of other specialist equipment, perhaps not readily at your disposal. If you’re looking to phase the delivery of the technology, storing it before you need it in action also needs careful thought.

05 A Load of Rubbish

Every bit of technology you order for your roll out comes boxed – server, desktop, network card – everything. Whilst it sounds simple, getting rid of this is just another headache. Who wants to be figuring out disposal of cardboard when your largest branch office was supposed to be working off new machines last week and are now screaming at you for an update!

06 Supercharge Delivery

Specialist providers are configuring and imaging machines of every kind all day every day. Proven processes, tools and knowledge help to expedite the task quicker and more accurately. When tough deadlines need to be met relying on specialist expertise unburdens the ownership of this task, creates welcomed accountability and service commitments and may be the deciding factor in the project going live on time.

The CCS Media Configuration and Imaging Centre configures and images upwards of 1000 machines every month. With locations in London and Chesterfield we are well placed to service customers across the UK with a wide range of configuration and imaging requirements. Our services are completely flexible and are tailored precisely to your exact requirements, regardless of project size, duration or budget.

If you’d like to know more about our Configuration and Imaging Centre or to arrange a visit and
see the services in action first-hand please speak to your Account Manager


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