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Discover Verkada’s Hybrid-Cloud Surveillance to improve student safety


Create a safer school environment with Verkada’s easy-to-use solution

Schools often rely on legacy CCTV systems that make it challenging, and sometimes impossible, to investigate incidents on school grounds. A good surveillance system, however, could easily mitigate school incidents, theft, and vandalism.
Instantly strengthen your critical security infrastructure with Verkada’s intelligent, plug-and-play video security system that makes it simple to scale cameras and improve visibility across schools of any size.


Simple to Set Up 

Eliminate the need for NVRs or DVRs. With a single ethernet cable, Verkada cameras are brought online instantly. No technical configurations or downloads are required, giving authorised users the ability to quickly access and share footage on any device.

Infinitely Scalable

Centralise video management and gain instant visibility of cameras and system health all on one screen. With cloud-connected cameras that operate at 20kbps, the system scales—whether you’re deploying ten or hundreds of cameras—without depleting bandwidth resources.

Always Secure

Unlike traditional CCTV systems, Verkada systems have no open ports and release regular firmware and software updates. With the highest encryption standards and security enhancements that deploy automatically—and at no cost—systems are always up-to-date with the latest security regulations.

Try Verkada For Free

30-day trial includes camera and full access to management platform.


Speak to a Specialist about your 30 Day Free Trial

Why Schools and Universities Choose Verkada


For IT and IT Security Teams

Simple to install, manage, and maintain. Cameras are ready-to-use, out of the box. Within 15 minutes, the system is brought online and fully operational. With end-to-end encryption and automatic firmware updates, cameras are always secure and no complex configurations are required.


Head Teachers and Vice-Chancellors

Make planning for the school year simple. Verkada’s pricing model is as simple as it gets: cost of camera and cost of software. With an industry leading 10-year product warranty and free system updates, always have the latest in security without affecting forecasted budgets.


Facilities and Security

Improve visibility across campus. By centralising camera feeds into an easy-to-use platform that requires no onboarding, find incidents of interest quickly. In emergency situations, share live feeds instantly via SMS or link and quickly get footage into the hands of first responders.




Benefits of School and University Security Cameras


Protect Students & Faculty

School security camera systems keep track of everyone entering and exiting the area, making it easy to spot intruders and prevent unauthorised visitors from entering campuses. With cameras deployed across campus—from car parks, to sports areas, to hallways—it’s simple to monitor open areas that might be vulnerable to crime. Having cameras on campus also deters poor student behaviours, such as bullying, and can improve overall experiences on campus.


Quick Incident Resolution

More so than ever, parents are getting involved in ensuring that they’re sending students to safe schools. With video footage and smart search filters available, school admistrators can quickly find recorded video of key events and effectively address behavioural concerns or conflict between students. In the event of emergencies, school faculty and authorised users can send live feeds of cameras instantly, reducing the time it takes to communicate with law enforcement and parents.


Proactively Deter Threats

With smart video technology, gain better insight about activity happening on school grounds. Get alerted of unusual activities—such as cars or people appearing on campus after school hours—without having to actively monitor your cameras. In other instances, school or university security cameras can be used as a tool to help teachers and instructional aides anticipate misbehaviour and take actions to potentially prevent it.




Strengthen School Safety with Verkada

The best school security camera for educational establishments of all sizes.


Share Live Feeds

Reduce incident response time by sharing live camera feeds via SMS or email link.

Find Footage Quickly

Find what you’re looking for in a matter of seconds with object, date, and motion based search.

Add Multiple Users

Grant authorised admins access to your Command account and easily manage permission levels.

Centralise Management

See and manage cameras across any number of locations and levels with custom floor plans.

Monitor System Health

Remotely access the health of every camera and receive alerts when they fall offline.


Speak to a specialist today to find out more about trying Verkada for free.


Speak to a Specialist



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