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Samsung White Logo

Samsung Knox

Not all Android smartphones and tablets come with equal security

Samsung understand how essential security is for your business. You can’t afford for cyberthreats to cause downtime and interfere
with your working day. More importantly, you can’t risk your company’s data falling into the wrong hands. Cyber attacks are becoming more common, with criminals exploiting more and more points of weakness.

Today, there are 11 billion connected devices, and that figure is projected to nearly double in the next five years.

47% of companies have seen an increase in cyberattacks since the work-from-home shift.
Samsung Knox, defense-grade security built from the chip up.
When it comes to security, they follow an end-to-end design and production approach. So, their smartphones and tablets are protected by Knox from before they’re even turned on, and stay secure throughout their whole lifecycle.
In 2022, the average cost of a data breach in the UK increased, from £2.98 to £3.59 million. A considerable chunk of this cost comes from lost customers.
In a typical data breach, 38% of the total figure (£1.21 million) is down to fleeing patrons, a damaged reputation and technical dysfunction.



Key features

Features which come as standard on Samsung smartphones and tablets running on Android—over
and above the existing Android operating system and delivering additional unique capabilities.


Leading virus protection
Anti-malware safeguards your hardware and software, powered by McAfee.

Secure Folder
Keep work and personal information separate and protected on a single device.

Data isolation
Complete data isolation plus total control of the features and components apps can access.

Rooting prevention
Eliminates the risk from unauthorised
operating systems to protect your data.

Real-time operating system monitoring and protection.


Hardware-based encryption and authorised-only firmware.



Zero-trust security
The best way to view your cybersecurity is to operate under what’s called zero-trust security, a system built on the premise that you’ve already been compromised.
Each time a user attempts to access company resources, the employee needs to verify their identity in some way, such as acknowledging the login on a mobile device. This verification control empowers the IT department to grant varying levels of access depending on the conditions of entry.
This is the default mode in zero-trust security: access to applications and services is strictly conditional. The burden of proof is on the user to confirm their identity. This process also picks up other useful information for cybersecurity, such as the state of a device, its location and the time of day.

Samsung Knox offers complete protection for your business across both hardware and software—giving you peace of mind to take your business wherever you need to go.



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