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Retail Industry Solution

Video surveillance can be a powerful and essential tool for retailers. Using Surveillance Station, retailers can prevent theft and improve both retail space and personnel security. Flexibly combine video surveillance with intelligent analysis to suit your requirements.

Multi-site remote surveillance solution with no recurring costs

Extensive camera support

Synology NAS/NVR supports more than 130 brands, more than 7,600 cameras, and integrates ONVIF’s Profile S and Profile G. You are free to choose the IP camera or reuse compatible cameras that best suits your needs and budget.

No subscription fee

Compared with cloud cameras, there is no monthly subscription fee to use Surveillance Station. You only need to pay the initial cost of purchasing the hardware and the cost of camera licenses to enjoy all the built-in functions of the software.

Continuous monitoring of in-store movements

Surveillance Station has integrated multiple surveillance modes. In addition to using a computer to view videos, you can also use Synology DS cam to check the status of the store anytime, anywhere. In an emergency, you can get the most relevant information on-the-spot. 

Surveillance updates on a phone

Stay informed anytime, anywhere

  • Learn about unexpected situations even when you are away. When the system detects that someone has broken into the store during non-working hours, an event notification with a real-time snapshot will be automatically sent to you.
  • Store personnel no longer need to constantly keep an eye on the surveillance system but can still stay on top of on-site situations. Through customised alarms, the system will automatically sound off an alarm to warn the staff when an incident occurs. At the same time, live video will automatically play on the system’s alert panel so that you can review the incident and take immediate action.

Automatic management and uninterrupted monitoring

  • Even with a modest budget and a small number of cameras, it is still possible to monitor a wide range of areas such as warehouses and storage rooms. Using the built-in Action Rule, You can set cameras to automatic patrol preset points on a schedule.
  • When a camera behaves abnormally, system can use pre-defined rules to assign another camera to take over the surveillance coverage of the original camera. A defective camera waiting for maintenance will not create a loophole in environmental safety.


Shop monitoring diagram



Surveillance recording diagram

Reduce video storage cost with flexible recording system

  • Maximise your storage space by flexibly configuring your recording schedule. Record every detail in the store with continuous recording during business hours; automatically switch to motion detection recording during non-working hours to record only critical events.
  • Surveillance Station’s Smart Time Lapse allows for more flexible deployment and efficient use of storage space. Reduce the storage space required of videos by compressing them with a preset dynamic video compression ratio; when an event occurs, the video will automatically play at its original speed so you won’t miss any important details.
  • With smart multi-stream switching technology, for general purposes, you can configure low-resolution streams to save storage space. When an event is triggered, the real-time video resolution will automatically switch to a higher resolution for streaming and recording.



Create custom retail surveillance solutions with intelligent video analysis from DVA series models1

Threat Icon

Deter potential threats

Built-in Face Recognition can register the face of shoplifters to a blacklist. When a theft is recognised, the system can send an alert.

Head count icon

Real-time in-store headcount

Real-time monitoring and automatic summing of people entering and leaving all entrances let you notify surveillance personnel when the maximum capacity of the venue is reached.

report icon

People counting report

Generate statistical reports to analyse the number of customers onsite for each specific timeframe to adjust staffing or marketing plans accordingly.

point of sale


Utilise Surveillance Station with a POS system

By pairing a camera with a POS device, you can supplement transaction records with video. Each transaction will have a corresponding video, and when a consumer dispute occurs, you can view the applicable video to determine the details without having to conduct a time-consuming inspection of the purchase. Customised keywords can be pre-configured to send a real-time alert notification when abnormal transactions occur.

Speak to a specialist today to learn more about surveillance in the retail industry


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1. Deep Video Analytics and face recognition are only supported on DVA series models, for more information see here.
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