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Poly HP White

Introducing You To The Workstyle Personas That You Have Within Your Organisation

Poly has been studying workstyle evolution for nearly a decade and they’ve identified six distinct personas which make up 92% of a typical enterprise.



Persona #1: Connected Executive


Connected Executive


Connected executives are tech-savvy business drivers who go wherever needed to make decisions and solve problems. Due to the fact that they are so versatile in their work style, their pain points include:
  • diversions
  • interruptions
  • unpredictable background noise
They use more communication tools than any other persona, so they have to stay connected across all devices.


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Connected Executive Icon

Communication Intensity - High

Connected Executives Occurrence in a Typical Enterprise Communication Intensity



Persona #2: Road Warrior


Road Warrior



Always on the move, road warriors work outside of the office more than 50% of the time. Due to their constantly changing environment, their pain points include:
  • noise on calls
  • unreliable connections
They also travel light, so they want solutions that are highly portable and easy to use.


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Road Warrior Icon

Commication Intensity - Medium

Road Warrior Occurrence in a Typical Enterprise Communication Intensity



Persona #3: Flexible Worker


Flexible Worker



The flex worker splits time between the corporate office, a home office and travel. They are always innovating and adapting their communications channels. Due to frequent remote and on-the-go work, pain points include:
  • difficulty collaborating with colleagues
  • missing important information in the office
The flex worker needs to be “always-on” and communicate across several devices.


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Flexible Worker Icon


Commication Intensity - Medium

Flexible Worker Occurrence in a Typical Enterprise Communication Intensity



Persona #4: Remote Worker


Remote Worker



Working from a home office or a remote center, the remote worker has fewer opportunities for in-person meetings and more challenges to successful and productive collaboration. Remote workers depend on:
  • multiple devices
  • unified communications
  • technologies to bridge the gaps between them and their colleagues, co-workers and clients


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Remote Worker Icon


Commication Intensity - Medium

Remote Worker Occurrence in a Typical Enterprise Communication Intensity



Persona #5: Office Collaborator


Office Collaborator



The office collaborator has an office-based work style, is highly collaborative and open to new technology. As many of office collaborators work in open office spaces and spend the majority of the day at their desk, their pain points include:
  • background noise
  • constant disruptions
They want to seamlessly manage their communication across devices.


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Office Collaborator Icon


Communication Intensity - High

Office Collaborator Occurrence in a Typical Enterprise Communication Intensity



Persona #6: Office Communicator


Office Communicator



As a more traditional work style, the office communicator is most comfortable with familiar systems and devices (like a desk phone). Due to the high percentage of time they spend communicating in the office, their pain points include:
  • being diverted by interruptions
  • background noise
  • lack of privacy on calls


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Commication Intensity - Low

Office Communicator Occurrence in a Typical Enterprise Communication Intensity


Learn about your workforce personas and how you can enable them with the most efficient tools which fit their communication needs.


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