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Beat The Noise With Poly ANC Headsets

Many of us are now back in the office. Some remain working from home or remotely. And for many, a hybrid model now seems the best option. That’s the beauty of today’s world – we can, and do, work everywhere.

Man working from home.

For those returning to the office, it felt good to be back. You caught up with your mates, grabbed a coffee, readjusted your chair, and then… you never remembered there being so many distracting
noises: colleague conversations, phones ringing, text alerts (no, it’s not for you, but even so) and let’s not forget, clicking funny social media videos or webinars that open on high volume.
It’s no different working from home. There’s noise everywhere, and it’s a problem. Concentration and productivity suffers. Who needs that?
This eBook from Poly explores the ambient noise challenges workers face today, and explains how you can beat the noise with the help of the right technology.



Effects Of Noise On Your Employees

At home, workers have to contend with background sounds ranging from barking dogs to the boiling kettle. Even people with a relatively private home still experience noise distractions.


Man working from home with dog

Now, with hybrid working, employees need to contend with office environments that can be every bit as noisy and distracting. For workers at their desks and in shared spaces, nearby chatter can make it difficult to focus on meetings. Employees without access to well-equipped meeting rooms may be left out of important conversations and feel second class.
The frustration increases when people don’t feel they can raise the issue with the boss.
“What’s the point? No one ever does anything.”
The result is reduced motivation, potential escalating anxiety, and dread of joining calls.

Top 3 ambient noises when
working in the office

Phone ringing icon

People Talking icon

People talking on calls icon

Phone ringing People
People talking
on calls

Top 3 ambient noises when
working from home

Kitchen appliances icon

TV Icon

Background conversations icon

Music/TV in a
nearby room

Woman working from home

Noise impact for employees who spend a significant time on calls:

  • Loss of concentration
  • Reduced productivity
  • Call fatigue and burn out
  • Poor customer experience
  • Potential harm to company reputation


Speak to a specialist today to learn more about how to beat the noise with Poly ANC Headsets


Speak to a Specialist




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