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One Surface

One Surface for any workload

Businesses worldwide have adapted to rapid shifts in work culture. To support a modern, versatile workforce, your people need a device that can flex around their needs. Microsoft Surface gives your people the freedom to work their way, from anywhere in the world.
Surface devices are lightweight, for maximum portability, whilst offering unique features for flexible workers. Security and manageability are enterprise-grade and built-in. It’s one device, for any kind of workload.

Why One Surface?

We know that modern work comes in all shapes and sizes. That’s why the modern workplace starts with Microsoft Surface for Business.
Built for hybrid heroes and on-the-go go-getters, Surface for Business offers a range of Microsoft Surface devices with enhanced security, portability, and easy manageability.


One Surface: For Any Workload – Premium eBook

A more sustainable future

Cut costs and improve productivity

Stay secure

Happy employees and end customers




A more sustainable future
Microsoft Surface is an example of how technology is changing for the better. It is created with repairability, longevity, and responsible sourcing in mind. More than that, it aims for high industry standards long-term. Those who can afford to move faster and go further should do so. Where Microsoft goes, the tech industry often follows, and so it’s important that Microsoft leads the way, and makes a strong commitment to sustainability.
Use the Emissions Calculator tool to estimate the carbon emissions of your Microsoft Surface device mix.


Emissions Calculator


Cut costs and improve productivity
Surface not only reduces the financial expenditures of a mixed-device estate,
but also saves on IT maintenance, deployment costs, and security infrastructure.
Microsoft Surface is built with productivity in
mind. The ultrathin, lightweight screen makes
it easy to hold and use while travelling. Or the
kickstand can be used while at a desk.

Surface is inspired by your people and the ways they work, helping them get more done on their terms.
With people very much at the centre of the evolution of the modern workplace, the challenge facing companies is finding the right technology to cater to the needs of employees. Designed for the modern workplace, the Microsoft Surface range is engineered to deliver the best Windows 10 experience – improving versatility and productivity within your workforce.


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Stay secure
Robust, chip-to-cloud security means fewer security incidents. In-built deployment means time saved in setting up devices. And a high performing, premium device lets employees get on with their work (without helpdesk support).
Why? Because Surface has:
  • Enterprise-grade, chip-to-cloud security (robust across the life cycle of devices)
  • Windows Autopilot for automatic deployment and minimal infrastructure management
  •  Secure hardware and build


Happy employees and end customers
Microsoft Surface is built for a diverse workforce, with flexible features to support a flexible lifestyle. With Surface, employees have a choice. To use the keyboard and kickstand, and work at a desk, or to use the touchscreen for work on the go. The reality of modern work is that employees can work anywhere. They can also do any kind of work, whether it’s working creatively with a pen, taking video calls, producing a report or entering vital patient data into a hospital database. Surface is built for everything you do, anywhere you do it.



Speak to a Specialist today to learn more about Microsoft ONE Surface 


Speak to a Specialist



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