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Intel® Optane™ Technology

Intel® Optane™ technology is a unique combination of Intel® 3D XPoint™ memory media with Intel-built advanced system memory controller, interface hardware, and software IP. Together, these building blocks deliver a game-changing technology that presents new computer architecture opportunities and computing possibilities for a breadth of markets.

Introducing Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory

Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory represents a new class of memory and storage technology architected specifically for data center requirements. It will offer the unprecedented combination of high-capacity, affordability, and persistence. By moving and maintaining larger amounts of data closer to the processor, workloads and services can be optimised to reduce latencies and enhance performance.

Experience the World’s Most Responsive Data Center SSD

What happens when a breakthrough in storage technology meets a radical innovation in memory? The world’s most responsive data center SSD is born. Introducing the Intel® Optane™ SSD DC P4800X. By helping break through storage bottlenecks, it allows data centers to deploy bigger, more affordable data sets, accelerate applications, and gain the critical, enterprise-level insights that result from working with larger memory pools. Accelerate performance. Expand datasets. Eliminate bottlenecks.


Explore the Possibilities

We expect the technology to appear in a wide range of compute, storage, embedded, and device applications. Retailers might use Intel® Optane™ technology-based solutions to more quickly identify fraud detection patterns. Financial institutions may speed trading. Healthcare researchers will work with even larger data sets in real-time, accelerating complex tasks such as genetic analysis and disease tracking.

Optimise the End-User Computing Environment.

End-user computing is transforming as organisations explore virtualised service delivery. User-centered planning is key.



Intel® Optane™ Technology

Intel® Optane™ technology will also enhance the PC enthusiast’s experience, allowing professionals and consumers more immersive, productive, and interactive experiences.


The Faster You Load, The Smoother You Play

It’s time to accelerate your game. The Intel® Optane™ SSD 900P and 905P allow launch and level-loading at unprecedented speeds – without the usual speed bumps. Whether you’re blasting through hyperspace or filing the lane on a fast break, you’ll enjoy a smooth, rich gaming experience, with less lag time and reduced performance bottlenecks.

Nano Seconds Are The New Seconds

If you’re driven to shoot, write, record, or create in any way, this is the drive that helps you do it faster.

Do What You Do, Only Faster

First, it learns the tasks you perform most frequently – from system startup, to file search, to program launch. Then it steps on the gas. Introducing Intel® Optane™ memory – the smart, adaptable system accelerator that memorises what you do so you can do it faster, smoother, and easier.

High Performance Computing

The Intel Optane Solid State Drive (SSD) helps eliminate data centre storage bottlenecks and allows bigger, more affordable data sets. It can accelerate applications, reduce transaction costs for latency-sensitive workloads and improve overall data centre TCO.
Use cases for today’s data centre
Data centres can explore two key use cases for the DC P4800X: fast storage or cache, or extended memory.
Fast storage or cache refers to the tiering and layering which enable a better memory-to-storage hierarchy. The DC P4800X provides a new storage tier that breaks through the bottlenecks of traditional NAND storage to accelerate applications, and enable more work to get done per server.
The extended memory use case allows an Intel Optane SSD to participate in a shared memory pool with DRAM at either the OS or application level enabling bigger memory or more affordable memory. Bigger memory dramatically increases the size of ‘working sets’ to enable new insights from data in growing segments such as scientific computing, healthcare, and autonomous driving. More affordable memory means data centres can use Intel Optane SSDs to displace some DRAM.
Key benefits
  • High throughput for breakthrough performance
  • Low latency for responsiveness under load
  • Predictably fast service for Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Ultra high endurance for today’s data centre
1Intel® technologies’ features and benefits depend on system configuration and may require enabled hardware, software or service activation. Performance varies depending on system configuration. No computer system can be absolutely secure. Check with your system manufacturer or retailer or learn more at https://www.intel.co.uk.
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