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Identifying HP Originals

HP Long Life Consumables (LLCs)


Imitation long life consumables may look similar to Original HP LLCs, but it’s what is inside that drives performance. Marketed as low-cost alternatives, non-HP LLCs can deliver high failure rates and greater printer service costs.


What kinds of long life consumables are out there?




Original HP LLCs

New Original HP Long Life Consumables are introduced to the market by HP, for use in HP devices. They deliver high quality, reliability, and performance.




Newly built substitute LLCs that use a new  molded shell and are considered “new,” but use non‑HP parts that are not optimal for HP printers.



Newly built, refurbished, or remanufactured LLCs that are often packaged in unauthorised reproductions of HP packaging or even illegally reused HP packaging. Be sure to check if the package looks like it has been previously opened.



A substitute LLC that reuses an Original HP LLC core. The used LLC core is collected, sometimes cleaned, and some parts may be replaced with aftermarket materials. These LLCs may not meet the same quality and yield standards as Original HP LLCs.


How to spot a risky LLC


1. Availability

New-build imitation LLCs enter the market a few months after an HP product introduction. Remanufacturers wait for used HP LLC cores to become available and don’t enter the market for 12 to 18 months after an HP introduction.

2. Packaging

Remanufactured packages will use the terms “remanufactured” or “refurbished.” Imitation packages will use the term “new-build compatible.” It’s a good practice to check the outer packaging before you purchase. If the package has a security label, take advantage of the authentication tool to help spot counterfeits: hp.com/go/certified.

3. Appearance

At first glance, imitation LLCs look like Original HP consumables, but there are subtle differences with the colour of plastic, LLC notches, and label names. Remanufactured/refurbished LLCs reuse the HP core, so they should look similar to an Original HP LLC, but with a different label.

4. Components

Look for indicators that parts are not new, such as worn gears. Non-HP LLCs may reuse parts or use aftermarket replacements. To be certain you have an HP product, visually compare each component to an Original HP LLC.


How to identify Original HP LaserJet Maintenance, Fuser, and Image Transfer Kits


All Original HP LaserJet Maintenance, Fuser, and Image Transfer Kits should contain HP branding information printed on the packaging, such as:
  • HP logo
  • HP website
  • HP physical address
  • Copyright note
  • Eco-labels
  • Icons
In some cases, they may also contain:
  • Older HP branding (such as logo, company name, and address)
  • Basic product identification (such as voltage, product SKU number, or product description)
  • Basic product identification translated to multiple languages
  • Country of origin
  • HP label
  • HP security label

Protect your printer

Over the past 80 years, HP has invested significantly in developing and building our brand recognition and value around the world. HP work only with honest, high-quality manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors. If printer failure or damage is attributable to the use of unauthorised LLCs, HP will charge standard time and materials to service the printer.


Find Out More


Trusted by the experts

88% of printer technicians use Original
HP LaserJet Maintenance and Fuser Kits and parts. 1


Longer life

Three out of four printer technicians said that Original HP LaserJet Maintenance and Fuser Kits have a longer life than aftermarket kits and parts. 1


More reliable

Two out of three printer technicians said Original HP LaserJet Maintenance and Fuser Kits and parts are more reliable than aftermarket kits and parts. 1


Don’t risk your eco-label qualifications

The Blue Angel award criteria RAL-UZ 205 covers the whole printing system, including criteria for selected long life consumables. Thus, HP can only ensure compliance of its Blue Angel certified printing systems when operated with Original HP Long Life Consumables.

1 Aug 2018 APJ Market Strategies International study commissioned by HP. See www.marketstrategies.com/hp/APJTechnician2018.pdf.

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