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When ransomware spreads, keep your data clean with HPE StoreEver tape

Storage Media

Back up and archive information using proven, reliable HPE storage media, tested to extremes for maximum reliability when restoring your data.

Reliable, Durable, Economical, and Secure

HPE offers a comprehensive data protection portfolio for hybrid IT. They understand the importance of storage media reliability in providing a secure home for your data on LTO Ultrium tape and RDX solutions, which are also a final, long-term safeguard against natural disasters, network or power outages, human error, or malicious acts.



Protect your data and unlock all its possibilities

HPE Storage Media is a secure, scalable, cost-effective solution for your archive data, and it can be a valuable last line of defense to help protect your business.

Man walking in server room

New opportunity
Open new pathways to business growth by creating secure, scalable offline archives for infrequently accessed, but essential data.  Active archiving solutions such as the HPE Data Management Framework help you unlock business value.
Lowest TCO for archiving
Achieve a better cost of ownership for long term archiving than any other comparable technology, including the public cloud, by using LTO-8 Ultrium tape solutions. High density, highly scalable tape solutions can greatly reduce the cost of floor space and resources.¹
Innovation storage
Migrate with confidence to future generations and protect your investment by leveraging LTO technology, a 12-generation roadmap, and prototypes that demonstrate a tenfold increase in capacity over current models.
Security against cyber threats
Removable storage technologies such as HPE LTO Ultrium tape or HPE RDX, create an ‘air gap’ so you can restore from a clean, offline copy of your data. Malware can’t infect data it cannot access.



Extreme tape media reliability for hybrid IT archive data


Find out how HPE LTO Ultrium media brand specification and testing enables the highest levels of quality and reliability. This technical white paper explains procedures such as Green Tape testing, Environmental Interchange, and more.
  • Retrieving data from the cloud can soon cost more than the storage
  • Tape storage is cheaper than primary or secondary storage
  • Tape protects against cybercrime and ransomware attacks


Read Technical White Paper

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