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Driving Digital Efficiencies for HR and Accounts Payable

Digitisation enables greater efficiency and effectiveness


Moving information from paper into data makes working more efficient and productive. Integrating digitised paper into business workflows improves tracking and auditing. There’s an expectation-to-perception gap for many businesses who don’t have the correct scanning technology for their requirements. New purchases must be driven by each organisation’s needs rather than by price.

The main advantages of well-organised digital information

Enables easier information sharing

Simplifies processes

Improves productivity

Avoids wasted time



Challenges faced by HR functions 

Handling and storing employee data – Storage space limitations and access to central filing cabinets make data handling laborious, expensive and prone to human error. While centrally stored files inhibit remote access and create a physical security risk.
Processing information – Admin heavy, paper based systems leads to inefficient manual record keeping and limits ability to remotely access information causing a security and compliance risk.
Providing analysis and insight– It is time consuming to manually analyse paper based data to support business decisions and it is difficult to monitor diversity, pay transparency and benchmarking to ensure compliance.
Staff communication – Lack of clarity and accessible documentation can lead to duplication or missed objectives and keeping employees abreast of company updates across multiple locations is challenging.


Why should HR go digital?

Make records and data available to access from anywhere with user access rights

Safe Icon

Security & compliance
Easier to secure digital files and set automatic rules for data retention compliance

Workflow efficiency
Make data storage and processing more efficient and less prone to errors

Employee engagement
Keep employees motivated with easier workflow and less time spent on admin



Challenges faced by Accounts Payable functions 

Data capture – Manual data entry takes a lot of time and increases the possibility of errors and manually finding and rectifying errors wastes even more time.
Approval process – Dependency on cumbersome manual processes for passing invoices for approval adds delay and those delays may mean facing late payment penalties or missing early payment discount opportunities.
Maintaining records – It is easy to lose invoices and not notice until the supplier demands payment and as a business scales up, so does the volume of purchase transactions and documents that need to be stored and accessed.
Cash flow management – Difficult to have full and regular visibility with paper-based systems and is not easy to calculate and share current cash status and projections based on invoice payment dates.


Alongside these functions is the need for stakeholder management
Vendor relationship management is vital to maintaining trust, and employee motivation is critical to getting the job done. Late payments are a quick way to lose vendors trust and damage relationships and  good relations are vital to securing the best payment terms and lead times. Employees who spend too long on menial tasks are likely to be less motivated and efficient.

Why should Accounts Payable go digital?

Eye Icon
Improved visibility Better
Accounts Payable reporting and data analytics to give transparency into transactions and cash flow.

Simplified processes
Eliminate paper and manual tasks to reduce invoice processing costs and bring down the error rate and potential for fraud.

Greater flexibility
Reduce exceptions to normal processes and ensure scalability to cope with business growth and accessibility to staff working remotely.

Positive experience
Keep vendors happy and employees motivated with easier workflows and less time spent on admin.



Speak to a specialist to learn more about
how Fujitsu can drive digital efficiencies in your workplace



Speak to a Specialist


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