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Face Recognition

Use Synology Surveillance Station video management system combined with facial recognition tools in schools, businesses, and other industries to improve the overall level of security through a new monitoring method.

Transform your surveillance with Synology Face Recognition

Enhance Surveillance Efficiency

Pre-define a watchlist; when a person on that list has been detected, an event notification will be sent to alert the administrator to take appropriate action.
Utilises a unique deep learning algorithm, proven to reach 97.04% accuracy in NIST’s Face Recognition Vendor Test under its WILD category (using faces extracted from real-world footage)1


Surveillance diagram

Surveillance diagram

Effectively Track Suspicious Persons

Do an image search among your videos using facial photos, then register previously identified people into your database. When that person appears again, the system will immediately issue an alert for you to take action.

Covered Face Detection

Detect whether or not people are wearing a mask, and send an alert notification to your security personnel to take action if necessary.

Surveillance diagram





Smart Office Applications

  • Monitor heavily trafficked areas of the office, such as entrances and exits. When non-employees enter the office, the system can automatically issue a notification to alert the administrator.
  • Easily manage employee information using Synology Face Recognition;  administrators can import employee information into the face database in batches either manually, or from the local DSM or the domain/LDAP.


Improve Campus Security

  • Record faces as they appear onsite. Security personnel can use facial photos to find identity matches and view information in the database.
  • Create a watchlist of prohibited persons. Set alerts for security personnel to be notified immediately once blacklisted people are identified onsite.


people in a shop


Optimise Smart Retail

  • Register profiles of VIPs (names, preferences,etc.) to inform service personnel when they arrive.
  • Faces of shoplifters can be registered in the database and blacklisted, so that an alert system can notify employees when they are detected.



Worry-free privacy and security with local analysis

Synology provides complete solutions that keeps sensitive personal data safe.

Recording Icon

All sensitive videos kept locally

All recordings, database, and analysis are stored and processed locally; there is no need to worry about the outflow of sensitive information or non-compliance with regulations.

Person Icon

Ensure the safety of personal data

Only allow authorised operator to view the personal information of identified persons (e.g. name and phone number).

Files Icon

Full control over data activity

The system log will record all data operations (e.g., user modification or the export of personal files from the database).



Highly integrated and comprehensive NVR solution

Synology Deep Learning NVR has the following features2:


Surveillance diagram

One-time expense
Only pay once for the hardware and camera licenses; all video analysis functions and software updates are free of additional costs.
Automatic response to events
When a custom event has been detected, a command can be issued by the system. For example, when a blacklisted person is detected, an alarm can be sounded to deter them.
Cross-platform integration
View the monitoring system at any time in a web browser or with Surveillance Station’s exclusive desktop software.
API ready
Easily integrate third-party products or services with Surveillance Station with the API files we provide.
Effortless Integration
Compatible with 7,500 types of IP cameras; easily add video analysis function to your existing cameras.



Suggested model: Synology Deep Learning NVR

  • Using deep learning–based algorithms, Synology DVA models can accurately pinpoint the events you want to pay attention to.
  • Simultaneously monitor up to 32 cameras and perform real-time image analysis of 6 tasks 3

suggested model

Speak to a specialist today to learn more about face recognition


Speak to a Specialist


1. Testing done by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) under their Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT).
2. Please go to this page for more information about Deep Learning NVR.
3. The maximum number of supported video analyses depends on each model’s specifications.
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