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Maximising Energy Efficiency With End User Devices

Energy efficiency and sustainability are too often considered in isolation. They are inherently connected and ought to be part of a comprehensive strategy that treats advancing sustainability and reducing energy consumption as complementary and reinforcing. We have an opportunity to use sustainable investment to protect ourselves from rising costs and increasing risk today while shoring up our organisations for the future.
We all know technology can, and should, lead the way. As part of a comprehensive strategy, IT transformation can guide vital investment
and revolutionise the way we work. Meeting today’s pressing challenges need not come at the expense of other vital objectives. Reacting to the present energy squeeze and adapting to a changing climate ought to go hand-in-hand with IT modernisation, driving productivity, strengthening your bottom line and delivering the best user experience to employees.



Simple ways to save energy

cog icon

Apply Energy Settings
Energy settings can balance energy use with performance needs

Power Down At The End Of The At
Devices are used for an average of 26% of a 7-day week, keeping them on, even in sleep mode is wasting energy




Intelligent devices drive efficiency and power savings

Peak Shift Performance Technology
Save power and charge your notebook on your preferred schedule

Adaptive Battery Performance
Extend battery runtime with intelligent battery saving measures

Thermal Management
Customise thermal settings with preset modes such as Cool, Optimised, Quiet, and Ultra Performance.

The end of a device’s lifecycle is critically important for sustainability, and must be handled responsibly.
Recycling is fundamental to lessening the environmental impact of devices. On average, 70% of materials Dell Technologies recovers are reused in the industry, contributing to the circular economy.
Intelligent devices not only drive efficiencies and help you make savings but deliver a modern user experience that is vitally important to the future of work. Modern devices are being designed and manufactured with sustainability as a priority, but they are also able to keep users productive for longer. Through intelligent features, powered by AI and enabled by the latest Intel® Core™ processors, digital transformation can become a user experience revolution, helping attract and retain essential talent.

Build an efficient workspace

Energy efficient client devices and monitors

Connect peripherals by using docking stations and USB-C hub displays

usb cable

Use rechargeable and USB powered peripherals

Utilize eco-modes on your displays



Speak to a Specialist today to learn more about maximising energy efficiency with Dell


Speak to a Specialist




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