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Welcome Business-Grade Wi-Fi into your home

Helping you run your business. From home.

When running businesses from home, you require more from your Wi-Fi. With the flexibility of Aruba Instant On Access Points, you’ll get faster connections allowing for quality video calling and Wi-Fi coverage where it’s needed most – all on a secure network.

To manage business remotely, you need an enterprise-grade network.

Work from home headaches?

Get Wi-Fi that makes you happy!

  • Do you experience problems connecting and staying connected?
  • Does your network drop every time you’re on a business call?
  • Maybe you’re worried about business data being on your home network?


Speak to an Aruba Specialist today to learn more about how Aruba Instant On can help you and your business


Speak to a Specialist

Aruba Instant On Access Points gives you…


Consistent, fast connectivity with business-grade technology


Better video conferencing calls by prioritising apps like Zoom and Skype


Wi-Fi coverage all over the house


Secure network access



Want to find out more about why Aruba Instant On has the perfect range of solutions for running business from home?

Aruba have identified the main issues faced with working and running businesses from your home. With Aruba Instant On you’re covered.









Read the Solution brief to discover how the Aruba Instant On range of products can help you continue working effectively.


Download Solution Brief

3 easy steps to set up

Aruba have made it simple to get up and running in minutes with the mobile app.

  • Power up the Aruba Instant On Access Point
  • Download the Instant On mobile app
  • Follow the steps to configure the network
Take a look at the infographic and discover how simple Aruba Instant On is to set up and get going.


Download Infographic




Find the perfect solution for your work from home requirements


Home Office

Extended Performance

High Performancnce

Environment Individual Family Higher Traffic
Start with your Access Point
  • Wi-Fi 5 certified
  • Business grade quality
Aruba Instant On AP11D
Light usage, 25 users, 50 devices
  • Desk/Wall mount with 4 Ethernet connections
  • Fast 802.11 ac Wave 2, MU-MIMO 2×2 – Max data rates 1167Mbps
Aruba Instant On AP11 (wall/ceiling mount).
Light usage, 25 users, 50 devices.
  • 4 Ethernet connections.
  • Fast 802.11ac Wave 2, MU-MIMO 2×2 – Max data rates 1167Mbps
Aruba Instant On AP12 (wall/ceiling mount).
Moderate usage, 50 users, 75 devices.
  • 4 Ethernet connections.
  • Fast 802.11 ac Wave 2, 3×3:3 MU-MIMO performance
Need to expand your network?
  • Easily extended network in mesh or wired mode with additional Access Points
Aruba Instant On AP 11 or AP11D
Aruba Instant On AP15.
Heavy usage, 75 users, 100 devices.
  • Fast 802.11 ac, Wave 2, 4×4:4 MU-MIMO performance
Additional wired connections.
  • For server, storage, other computers, printers, IP Phone, IP camera, IoT etc… add a switch
Aruba Instant On AP11D
Aruba Instant On 1930 8p PoE+ Switch
Aruba Instant On 1930 8p PoE+ Switch



Speak to an Aruba Specialist today to learn more about how Aruba Instant On can help you.


Speak to a Specialist




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