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StorMagic SvSAN – Highly Available 2-node HCI


Data at and from the edge is essential

Keep yours available with StorMagic SvSAN



StorMagic SvSAN simplifies storage at the edge. Run your apps with ease and 100% uptime.

○  Eliminates the need for physical SANs
○  Provides high availability and security with only 2 nodes
○  Can be deployed at 1,000 sites as easily as 1
○  Supports VMs, containers, or both
○  Runs on any x86 server, all types of storage, and any CPU






SvSAN is:


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You can use any x86 server, any CPU, any storage combination, any hypervisor
Delivers on today’s performance needs, leveraging existing hardware, with the confidence of scaling for tomorrow’s demands.


Provides you with highly available, secure
shared storage with just two nodes
Lightweight witness supports 1,000 clusters while caching and encryption features enhance performance and protection.


Lets you run on as little as 1 vCPU –
1GB RAM – 1GbE
A true ‘set and forget’ solution for any environment using centralised deployment and management – for a single site or thousands.


You can get a complete two-node
cluster for under £6.5k
Dramatically lowers costs by eliminating physical SANs, converging compute and storage into a lightweight commodity server footprint.


All StorMagic products are flexible, robust, simple to use, and cost-effective


Speak to a specialist to book a demo




How SvSAN Works



Any x86 server

  • Turns underlying storage of any x86 server into highly available shared storage within clusters of two servers (nodes) or more.
  • Sits on top of the hypervisor as a guest virtual machine, and is fully compatible with VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Linux KVM


High Availability

  • Shared storage works through active-active synchronous mirroring between two servers
  • Ensures there is always an exact copy of data on each server
  • If one server fails or is taken offline, the remaining server continues to operate, providing no disruption in service to the organisation, and no downtime


Lightweight Witness

  • Provides highly available shared storage on just two nodes
  • Can be on-site or remote to the cluster
  • Provide quorum for up to 1,000 clusters at a time







Speak to a specialist today to learn more about StorMagic SvSAN


Speak to a Specialist



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