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Cyber Security
Security that starts with you

As more and more of our daily operations move towards digital, technology has become an integral part of our business landscape. However, more time and information online means more opportunities for cyber attack. We help you to secure your systems, with a people-centric approach that protects your people, your data and your company.

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Modern networks are increasingly complex. With swathes of data spread across so many users, devices and locations, how can you ensure that your cybersecurity keeps up with the pace of change? We can help your business find the right platform to simplify your security, providing a unified low-touch solution that cuts inefficiencies while safeguarding your network against cyber threats.


Centralised security management 


Cybercrime is one of the fastest-growing forms of criminal activity on the planet. As hackers become more sophisticated, it’s vital that your organisation proactively employs the right network security tools to safeguard your business. From firewalls to network segmentation, we can help you adopt the right countermeasure to provide an effective line of defence.


Your first line of defence against cybercrime 

End Point

The world is changing. From remote working to the Internet of Things, modern IT infrastructure is more complex than ever before. With so many touch points susceptible to attack, your network can become very vulnerable. At CCS we help you to bulletproof your business. Our people-centric approach focuses on finding the right solutions to protect your information and stop attacks at the source.

Bulletproof your business 


Cloud computing has changed the way we do business forever. Today, data is no longer kept in secure on-premise data centres, but spread virtually across the web. In a world without boundaries, how do you keep your data safe? Our cybersecurity experts can help. We work closely with your business to mitigate risk by spotting vulnerabilities and safeguarding your data with ultra-secure cloud systems.

Secure your data, wherever it lives 


For larger organisations, the threat of cyberattack can be constant. Security Operations Centres are your first line of defence against online threats, providing ongoing capacity to prevent, detect and remove threats to your business. We will work closely with your teams to arm them with the tools they need to detect, analyse and respond to ever-evolving cyber-security threats.

Continuous monitoring for your business


Managing multiple suppliers and services across your organisation’s IT infrastructure can be a significant drain on resources. Our SIAM service takes the hassle out of your cybersecurity. We distill your relationships down to one single point of contact, a trusted partner who can ensure that all of your suppliers are working together so that you can spend less time worrying about IT and more time focusing on your business.

Boost efficiency and effectiveness across your organisation 

Our Core Security Services

Vulnerability Assessments
Breach Remediation
Security Information +
Event Management
Security Operations
Threat Vector Analysis
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