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Make The Move To The SC Series

Information is the lifeblood of your business. Migrating it from your current PS storage to the market-leading SC Series platform will ensure it resides in a new, future-ready infrastructure with powerful modern functionality.


Access will be faster; capacity will be greater; management will be simpler;
and the cost savings can be substantial too.

SC Series Benefits

SC Series features:

Game changing performance
2 million max IOPS per array, 20M in federated
environments (SC9000), 1 million max IOPS per array
(SC7020F, SC5020F, SC7020, SC5020), 50,000-
100,000 more “real world” 70/30 IOPs across every
array model!
Federated mobility, scale and availability
Each product ships ready to link in federated multiarray clusters for easy, non-disruptive workload
migration and load balancing. Auto-failover feature provides built-in business continuity
Self-optimising efficiency
Intelligent Deduplication and Compression,
RAID tiering and pervasive thin methods make cost
savings automatic
All-inclusive software
Every advanced SC Series feature is included –
no extra licenses to purchase or maintain! Live
Volume, Encrypted drive support, Replay Manager,
Chargeback and more are fully enabled up to the full
drive capacity of the array

Feature and function updates:

Increased IOPS improvement
Up to 4X the per-array capacity
More cost savings
Intelligent Deduplication generates huge cost savings
for both Hybrid and All-Flash systems
More flexibility, availability and control
New Federation/Live Volume capabilities,
QoS and more
With up-to-date maintenance contracts, you receive new software release enhancements at no extra cost

Refresh Benefits:

Save time and money
As equipment ages, management takes longer and costs more. Replacing it saves you time, money, and hassle
Stay in front
New technology gives you better, faster, more flexible
and more future-ready solutions
Stay up and running
The older your storage systems grow, the more your needs increase. It’s a challenging combination. A tech refresh reduces the risk of failure and downtime


Do more with less
A tech refresh can increase productivity and reduce
spend at the same time

Built-in tools to make migration easy

ProSupport and ProDeploy services, it can be easier still. So, you’ll be able to say goodbye to all the hassle that goes with ageing equipment, including growing levels of time-consuming and costly management, and increasing risks of downtime.




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Get in touch today and sign up for a free #GetModern assessment and compare your current storage with a Unity replacement.


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