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HPE Infosight

Artificial Intelligence for your hybrid cloud world

HPE InfoSight transforms how infrastructure is managed and supported.

Predictive support automation

  • Predicts and prevents issues
  • Solves problems across infrastructure
  • Transforms the support experience

AI-driven management

  • Makes managing effortless
  • Optimises resource allocation
  • Sees what others can’t

Unique product experience

  • Makes infrastructure smarter
  • Enables infrastructure to self-improve
  • Simulates work-load changes

HPE InfoSight—Artificial Intelligence for your hybrid cloud world

HPE InfoSight, is the best-in-class AI solution to remove the burden of managing your infrastructure and solve your most challenging problems. HPE InfoSight uses cloud-based machine learning to provide global insights into the status and health of infrastructure, all in one location. HPE InfoSight predicts and prevents problems across the infrastructure stack and ensures optimal performance and efficient resource use. HPE InfoSight constantly analyzes and correlates millions of sensors every minute, allowing all customers to benefit as their systems get smarter and more reliable.

This is what you get with HPE InfoSight watching over your infrastructure 24×7:

Machine learning in the cloud

Getting smarter every second

HPE InfoSight sees beyond the limits of other tools because of its unique approach to data collection and analysis. Every second, millions of sensor measurements capturing the state of the systems, subsystems, and surrounding IT infrastructure in our global installed base are collected and analyzed.

Cloud-based platform

HPE InfoSight continuously learns from the telemetry. It develops an understanding of the ideal operating environment for every workload and application. Advanced machine learning then drives its predictive analytics and recommendation engines. Then, problematic behavior is predicted through recognition of the underlining patterns and configurations in each system, resulting in significant customer impact.

Predictive support automation

Delivering a support experience you actually like

HPE InfoSight transforms support into an experience without the headaches and frustration. Dubbed a necessary evil, vendor support in the industry has always been postmortem, breakfix with multi-tiered escalations, mundane questions, manual log files, and fingerpointing.



Problems predicted and prevented

HPE InfoSight puts the focus on prevention. It uses predictive analytics to predict, prevent, and auto-resolve problems from storage to VMs before they can affect your business. Hundreds of predictive signatures from availability, performance, security, capacity, to data protection are continuously monitored in every system across the installed base.

If there is ever a problem experienced in the installed base, HPE InfoSight learns to predict the issue and prevent anyone else from seeing the same problem.

No more escalations

Predictive analytics takes away support escalations. HPE Nimble Storage has eliminated Level 1 and 2 support since 86% of problems simply go away.9 So, in the rare case, you need support, and you can speak directly to Level 3. Never be escalated again.

Rapid root cause

HPE InfoSight already has the information about your environment, so even the most complex issues get resolved quickly. Never recreate a problem or send log files again.

We’ll call you

If HPE InfoSight detects a problem that can’t be automatically resolved, then our support engineers proactively investigate and reach out with the fix—even if the problem is outside of storage. Never worry about who to call because we call you.

Benefits of predictive support automation:

86% of issues automatically predicted and resolved  |  No Level 1 or 2 support; Level 3 in<1 min on average  |  54% of problems resolved are outside of storage  |  Net Promoter Score of 85
  |  Customer satisfaction >4.91 out of 5

Financial impact of HPE InfoSight

Infrastructure powered by HPE InfoSight translates directly into significant financial impact. Enterprise Strategy Group researched hundreds of HPE and thirdparty customers and arrived at these conclusions:10

Data center infrastructure supported

HPE Nimble Storage

Predictive cloud-ready, and timeless forbusiness value today and tomorrow. Experience radical simplicity and 99.9999% guaranteed availability.

HPE ProLiant DL

Secure and versatile rack-optimized servers with a balance of performance, capacity, and manageability.

HPE ProLiant ML

The ideal choice for remote and branch offices and growing business.

1 Redefining the standard for system availability,” 2017

2, 3 Assessing the financial impact of HPE InfoSight predictive analytics,” 2017

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